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PA students graduate with the highest average student debt in the country. Pennsylvania is 3rd in higher ed cuts since 2008. We demand action. We're uniting across our campuses, workplaces, and communities to win College For All.

In 2018, we're calling on all candidates and elected officials to sign the College for All PA pledge: "I pledge to stand up for students by supporting College For All across Pennsylvania. I will use the power of my office to make state-funded schools tuition-free and ensure that quality higher education is available and accessible to all Pennsylvanians."

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We need people all across the state to talk to candidates and officials, show them College For All is an issue to which they need to pay attention, and recruit them to sign the pledge. Get involved by choosing one of the links below:

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Student Stories

“Financial aid only covers my first three classes, which means I have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket every semester in order to graduate. As a Black woman, this is an issue of justice and fairness. My aunt is the only one in my family with a college diploma. My community shouldn’t be discouraged from attending college because of the price.”
“I am a 32-year old stay-at-home mom to a 9-year old, and I pay for my education with little help from financial aid. With an illness that impacts my ability to work, I have to choose to pay my medical bills or my tuition. With free college education, I will not have to make such choices. I’ll be able to fulfill my goal of getting a degree and bringing upward mobility to myself and my family.”
“I've grown up in a poor city with a poor family. My family contribution to tuition is nothing—every penny of my tuition is paid through loans that one day will destroy me. I'll have to struggle to pay them off and survive at the same time. Free college is an opportunity for impoverished kids who don't think they can ever make it anywhere. We want to make something of ourselves, but we live in a constant state of dread for the day when our student loans come down and crush us. My family, and all of the impoverished families out there, matter just as much as anyone else. ”
“I came to this country from Columbia seeking freedom and an opportunity to pursue my dreams. Sadly I've found myself covered in debt and working 30 hours per week while attending school full time. I've been told constantly that things could be worse—but we deserve the best when it comes to education.”

Pledge Signers

Nina Ahmad

Candidate for Lt. Governor

Steve Bacher

Candidate for US House, PA-1

Aryanna Berringer

Candidate for Lt. Governor

Margo Davidson

State Representative, District 164; Candidate for US House, PA-5

Alex Deering

Candidate for State Representative, District 181

Mike Devine

Candidate for State Representative, District 20

Eric Ding

Candidate for US House, PA-10

Mike Doyle

Candidate for State Representative, District 170

Greg Edwards

Candidate for US House, PA-7

John Fetterman

Mayor of Braddock; Candidate for Lt. Governor

Paul Glover

Candidate for Governor

Gilberto Gonzalez

Candidate for State Representative, District 181

Jordan Harris

State Representative, District 186

Alan Howe

Candidate for US House, PA-10

Vincent Hughes

State Senator, District 7

Sara Innamorato

Candidate for State Representative, District 21

Jess King

Candidate for US House, PA-11

Summer Lee

Candidate for State Representative, District 34

Lindy Li

Candidate for US House, PA-5

Chris Rabb

State Representative, District 200

James Roebuck

State Representative, District 188

This campaign is a project of Pennsylvania Student Power Network in collaboration with our community allies, including One Pennsylvania and Keystone Progress. Are you a student in Pennsylvania? Join us!

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